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A bit of a ?
August 26, 2008, 4:26 pm
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A list of things that I don’t understand.  This is not a complete list.

knitting and crochet.   I understand that at some point in history this was a highly desirable skill and artform.  But let’s face it, nothing crocheted or knitted has been in style since 1972.

Doll collecting.  People actually want to collect things that could become posessed by the devil?  And even if they are never posessed, they still stare at you with those glassy, lifeless eyes.  Creepy. 

People that don’t like sushi.  Really , this should be considered a character flaw. 

People that don’t like animals.  See above.

My son’s facination with public urination .  I am the mom at the park whose son is peeing on the playground equipment.  He must get that from his father.

I am sure more will come to me later but I have a dinner date to prepare for.